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Time Billing


TimeSite Pro provides integrated invoicing capability based on timesheets submitted and approved by your management and supervisors. Finalised invoices can be emailed to your clients from within TimeSite Pro, including additional time & materials reports. You can then export these invoices to your accounting package. TimeSite Pro can easily handle complex costing and billing scenarios as well as multiple currencies.
Generate invoices based on timesheet records

Integrated Cost & Bill Rates

You can flexibly allocate Cost and Bill rates to the hours and expenses that your staff record on their timesheet. Accurate cost and revenue data enable you to track the profitability of your projects and clients in real-time. These rates can either be specific to individual staff or specific to projects and tasks. Cost and bill rates can be updated as of an effective date and applied to timesheet records.

Identify Work In Progress Revenue

TimeSite Pro enables you to immediately identify the work-in-progress value of your projects and create an invoice as soon as you have completed a project. You can adjust the time and expense value of your invoice and add additional invoice lines for fees, materials, and discounts. You can build reports and inquiries displaying different revenue stages — WIP, draft, finalised — as well as revenue lost/gained and margins.
Create scheduled invoices automatically

Invoice Schedules

Automatically schedule draft or final invoices for clients or projects on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis improving the efficiency of your revenue team. Draft invoices can be reviewed and amended before being sent to your client. Automatically email final invoices to your client.

Fixed-Price Invoicing

TimeSite Pro supports both time & materials as well as fixed-price projects. You can generate progress invoices and report on the revenue loss/gain from your fixed-price projects. TimeSite Pro will manage progress invoices and enable to you monitor progress invoices and revenue remaining to be invoiced. You can also compare actual to budget revenue for your projects at any time.


TimeSite Pro enables you to record payments received, including partial payments. TimeSite Pro will automatically allocate payments to matching invoices, or you can allocate payments to multiple invoices. Generate statements and emailed them to your clients along with the remittance advice.

Timesite pro timesheet invoicing

Export to Accounting

TimeSite Pro integrates with multiple accounting packages, including MYOB AccountRight, MYOB Advanced, MYOB Essentials, and Xero.