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Clients, Projects & Tasks

TimeSite Pro makes it easy for your team to specify the client, project and task in their timesheet record. TimeSite’s Administration features make it equally straightforward to set up and manage these details in your account. Use TimeSite Pro to manage and report on project budgets, costs and expected revenues as the project progresses. You can have as many time and expense tasks in a project as you like, and you can import tasks from your project management system. Project templates define a standard set of activities for new projects. Finally, TimeSite Pro can automatically link your users to new projects, or you can specify which users are working on specific projects.
Easy to create and maintain clients and projects

Project Templates

TimeSite Pro makes it easy to create new projects with a standard set of tasks depending on the nature or type of project. Adding a new project is as simple as selecting a template with the necessary tasks.

Cost & Bill Rates

You can set up a variety of cost rates and bill rates and indicate whether and how they apply to users, projects and tasks. This makes it easy to create detailed cost, revenue and margin reports based on the dollar value of the work that your staff are performing. Specify cost or revenue budgets for projects or tasks in TimeSite Pro and then get alerts when you reach a budget threshold. These alerts ensure that you are never unaware of cost blowouts with your projects. Of course, cost and bill rates change over time, so TimeSite Pro ensures that up to date rates are always applied to new timesheet records.
Simple to setup new users


You can set up three different types of users in TimeSite Pro: resource users who will record their timesheet, administration users who use and manage your TimeSite Pro account, and client users who can log into your TimeSite Pro account who can authorise work performed and run enquiries and reports on their projects. You can specify how resource users are to record information in their timesheet as well as set parameters for utilisation analysis. TimeSite Pro includes a detailed security profile for each user type that controls what they can do and the information that they can access.

Application Integration

It is often that case that client and project details are recorded in other systems such as accounting, CRM and project management packages. Similarly, payroll and HR systems will record user details. TimeSite Pro makes it easy to import these records from other systems as you set up your TimeSite Pro account. TimeSite Pro will also export project information to your payroll and accounting systems when exporting timesheets and invoices. Zapier can be used to create workflow integration capabilities, for example, sent new user details to TimeSite Pro when a new employee is enrolled in your HR system.