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This is where it all starts, we get a client. Creating clients requires a name, once we have this a record can be created. Of course you may have more of our features enabled in which case you might need to enter a country and state so we can figure out the applicable taxes and currency or you might need to a client code to match this record with your other business systems or enter other details via custom fields. The next step would be to create a Project or Job to work on.



Each client must be setup with at least one Project/Job before you can enter time. Projects can simply be a name or based again on what features you have enabled something more involved. Projects can be require a budget, can be assigned a physical location and radius to allow geo fencing, they can be fixed price or time and materials, they can be set to require customer authorisation of work performed or they can be allocated a number of different categories and custom fields. Every Project also requires at least one task. Tasks are used to stipulate the type of timesheet record - be it time based or non time (expense) based.

Cost and Bill

Both are features that can be enabled if you wish. Cost rates represent the cost your staff or contractors cost your business. The cost can be salary based or hourly based and allows for uplifts or oncosts to more accurately measure profit, contractors can be configured with several different rates which can be hourly or daily based.. Bill rates are what you charge your client for work performed. Bill rates can be set individually for each user or you can build a schedule of fees and allocate staff to these. Either approach supports fee increases which can be backdated providing records have not been invoiced or exported.

Staff and Contractors

A name, start date and password is all that is required to create your staff, of course you may have enabled more features that require extra data such as what the user will cost when they work, how much they will bill the clients for work they perform, who is their approver, what security rights and system access do they have, the list can go on depending on your requirements. User records such as timesheets always stay in the system, user accounts once they have timesheet records can not be deleted but they can be made inactive. Our licensing is based on active users who enter timesheet records.

Bringing it all together

Depending on your needs TimeSite Pro employes a concept called Linking. Linking allows you to specify who works on what at what rate. This can be configured to be automatically managed, in which case it just happens in the background and you need do nothing. If you require more flexibility or control it can be switched to manual. Switching to manual allows you to control which staff have access to which projects and what each staff member will cost or bill the project they work on. Linking is extremely powerful and flexible we have not seen a client requirement that could not be dealt with by it.
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Smartphone & Tablet Mobile Apps

Our mobile app for smartphones and tablets makes it each for you and your staff to record accurate timesheets at client meetings and other remote locations.
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Timesite Pro App for Tablets & Smartphones

You can both time and expense details on your mobile device even when you are away from your office. Our mobile app automatically synchronises client, matter and activity information so that you can quickly categorise your activities. These details are immediately sent to the TimeSite Pro server keeping everyone up to date.

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What Do Our Customers Say About Us?

We were looking for a product that could cover the different needs, from reporting and budget tracking to making life easy for those completing timesheets. Although still in the early stages of the rollout, it is proving really user friendly. From Timesite, we get great support, quick and detailed help with everything.

Eduardo B.
Project Finance Manager in Australia

We are a small law firm in the Sydney CBD. We have been using TimeSite for many years and recently upgraded to TimeSite Pro. The new system is extremely functional for all staff. Steve Dolan patiently provided us with an excellent and easy-to-follow demonstration of how TimeSite Pro works and highlighted many new features that assist us and our clients. We highly recommend TimeSite Pro.

Susanna Balog, D.C.
Balog & Associates, Solicitors & Attorneys

We needed a program that could record specific jobs and activities and then integrates that information with MYOB. We found that TimeSite Pro was incredibly flexible to setup. Our staff can enter all their timesheet information on their mobile app, which we drop straight into MYOB every week. These efficiencies have been marked for all involved in the process. The support from the TimeSite Pro team has been excellent.

Pip Jarrett, Jarretts Wines

Our company was looking for to track our employee’s time on projects in various locations. They can now easily document their timesheet in the field using TimeSite Pro’s mobile app. Our administration staff then access this information using TimeSite Pro’s desktop view. We've found TimeSite Pro to be very user-friendly and the fact that we are dealing with an Australian company whose service is quick and responsive to any questions or assistance has been terrific!

Jo Evans, Stainless Engineering & Maintenance

Due to the gradual growth of our small business, the need for a timesheet program was a priority. We required a platform that allowed our employees to enter their hours remotely and also being synced with MYOB to allow for a seamless transfer at the end of the pay period. TimeSite Pro certainly has made this possible and saves our business time and money.

Christian Bugeja - Madeform Architectural Builders

Easy mobile interface for users. Timesheet submission is now a lot easier with its simple mobile application interface. It replaced the use of paper timesheets and reduced a considerable amount of time chasing employees with incomplete timesheets.

Cristina da Silva - Payroll Manager, independent school

TimeSite Pro has been a revelation for our business in terms of real-time project costs, billings and overall feedback for management and staff. Its allow us to give clients current hours spent on the project and dramatically reduces billing time spent. The support from TimeSite has been excellent; of the few questions we've had, a call back has happened promptly.

Simon Anderson - Anderson Architecture

I have tried many different apps, always falling back on Excel spreadsheets. Once I found TimeSite Pro, I have never looked back. It does absolutely everything I need. I complete all billing, wages and reporting from this app and integrate it into MYOB.

TimeSite customer - construction industry

TimeSite Pro is a valuable MYOB add on and time-saving application for my bookkeeping business. It's easy and quick to set up, with options to suit your individual needs. The guidance provided to assist with the set up was excellent. Payroll processing is no longer a time-consuming chore, with the simple to use application removing all the manual input of timesheets in MYOB. TimeSite Pro is the perfect fit for any business with employees in the field who need to lodge timesheets.

Phil Limbrick - Axiom Bookkeeping

TimeSite Pro proved easy to integrate into our new law firm's operations after exploring other options. Functionality is well thought through with the end-user in mind (irrespective of ability!). And the best thing about TimeSite Pro is the on-going support, which is readily available, patient and outcome-focused. We recommend TimeSite Pro to any law firm considering their time tracking options.

Nitij Pal - ANDE + Co.

We are a small business with some specific needs, and TimeSite Pro has been able to meet those needs. We now have a user-friendly, integrated system that can cope with how we work. We can easily track time and expenses and drill down on our data in helpful ways, greatly assisting us in business planning. The TimeSite team have been very supportive in our transition to this cloud-based timesheet system. We particularly like the ease of use, functionality, mobile app, invoicing and reporting capabilities.

Nicola H. - Principal Archaeologist, Environmental Services

Excellent program. Works well with MYOB software. Simple to enter timesheets, easy to use in a browser or via their mobile app. This product does exactly what we need it to do. We spent a lot of time researching the different options available to be compatible with MYOB. TimeSite Pro ticked all the boxes, and we've been happy with it.

Practice Manager - PSA Consulting Australia

There is no way our company could have arrived at a functional and user-friendly timesheet tool without the help of a team like TimeSite Pro. The (unusual) way we use MYOB as consultants meant that the timesheet software needed to be able to set itself up to work in the way that we make MYOB work for us. This is a testament to the customer focus and attitude of the team at TimeSite Pro.

Paul Duncan - Senior Consultant, INCITIAS

Frequently Asked Questions

TimeSite Pro is available via three subscription plans: Basic, Standard and Accounting. Refer to our pricing page for more information on the features available with each plan.
Yes, you change the number of timesheet and administration users at any time. We automatically adjust your monthly subscription fee as you add and reduce the number of timesheet users.
Yes, please contact us at [email protected] for more information on our discount policy and a subscription cost estimate.
Yes, if you require our involvement with your implementation project, we are happy to provide you with a quotation for this assistance. In general, though, our customers can get started with TimeSite Pro within a couple of days, and then rollout to a pilot implementation over a couple of weeks.
Yes, our quick start wizard enables you to specify the most common settings used by our customers. Contact us if you would like our assistance to configure your trial account further.

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