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Smartphone & Tablet App

Manage Your Timesheet in the Field

TimeSite Pro includes a mobile app for iOS and Android, and smartphones and tablets. You can record both time and non-time (expense) activities quickly and accurately using our mobile app. You can clock-on and clock-off at your job site, or you can enter the duration of your task. Our mobile app automatically synchronises project and activity information and notifies your users when they are assigned to new projects. You can also remind your staff to complete and submit their timesheet.
Mobile app allows for timesheet management remotely

Submit and Approve Timesheets

Our mobile app supports timesheet submission and approval workflows. Your staff can quickly review their timesheet to make sure that they have accounted for all their work during the week, and then submit their timesheet for approval from their smartphone. Their manager is notified on their smartphone that a timesheet requires their attention. The timesheet can be reviewed and also approved on their mobile device.

Automatically Clock-on and Clock-off

TimeSite Pro enables you to record the location of a job site via a geofence and display this location to your staff on our mobile app. Once they arrive at the job site, our mobile app can automatically clock-on or remind your team to clock-on. When your staff have completed the job and are leaving the job site, our app can automatically clock-off and ask for additional information about the activity.
Kiosk mode allows bundy clock on and clock off

Kiosk Mode

You can set our mobile app on a tablet device into kiosk mode. This mode enables multiple staff to use the tablet to clock-on and clock-off using a PIN and record the details of their timesheet activity when they clock-off. Staff can clock-in on one tablet and clock-off on another. You can track who has clocked on from our dashboard and where they clocked on.

Location Services

Our mobile app supports GPS, Geofence and Bluetooth Beacon location services. Our app records GPS location when a user clocks-on and clocks-off, and when they save a timesheet record. Once they are clocked-on, you can track their movement around the job site. If a Geofence is specified for a job site, your user is reminded to clock-on and clock-off as they arrive and leave the job site. You can also specify that they be clocked-on and -off automatically. Bluetooth beacons can be used in internal areas such as workshops and in specific locations on a job site to record these notifications and automatic updates with increased accuracy.
Geofence and GPS position logging features