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Rosters & Award Rules

Shift Rosters

TimeSite Pro enables you to create shift rosters for your staff easily. You can build rosters for different timesheet periods: weekly, fortnightly, monthly and four-weekly. They can be specified for different future periods and applied to different groups of users. Staff can receive an email, app notification or SMS message to let them know that their new shift roster is available in their timesheet. Staff can amend their shift details before submitting their timesheet for approval.
Staff rosters and pre filled timesheets

Award Rules

Applying awards to your staff’s timesheet when calculating payslips can be the most time-consuming aspect of your payroll processing cycle. Award conditions such as overtime rules, penalty rates, and various allowances can be complicated and challenging to apply to a timesheet. Moreover, enterprise and project agreements can modify award conditions. TimeSite Pro makes it easy to specify, modify and apply awards and enterprise agreements to timesheets before exporting them to your payroll system.

You can configure multiple awards and agreements in TimeSite Pro, and apply these rules to different groups of users in different ways. For example, you can use a specific set of award rules for work performed in a particular job site or even a task within a project. These rules are easy to set up, test, and audit. The resulting timesheet records can be reviewed before exporting them to payroll. You can specify both time of day rules, as well as total time worked rules.