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Time Tracking Software for
Lawyers & Law Firms

TimeSite Pro is an easily configurable cloud solution to track and bill time and expenses relating to your legal matters. Using TimeSite Pro, you can quickly export timesheet details and invoices to your accounting system.

Trust AccountingTrust Accounting
Extensive ReportingExtensive Reporting
Flexible BillingFlexible Billing

Why do lawyers need a timesheet solution?

It can be challenging to quickly and accurately track time spent on work done for your clients. It’s important that your productivity does not suffer. But equally, time billing information is critical to your firm’s success and your client’s satisfaction.
Comprehensive timesheet management
Advanced time billing
Accounting & payroll integration

Flexible cost & bill rates

You can specify user cost and bill rates for each of your staff and automatically apply these rates to their timesheet records based on the client and or matters they are working on. You can also record and uplift expenses and disbursements before including them in your invoices.

Client matter budgets & alerts

TimeSite Pro enables you to set budgets for legal matters by hours or dollars. Once a budget threshold is reached, say 80% of bill estimate, TimeSite Pro can alert you to review the billing arrangement or costs agreement with your client.

Extensive audit reporting

Legal firms and lawyers can spend a lot of time preparing client reports showing work in progress billing estimates. Audits can also require the production of receipts of disbursements made on behalf of your client. TimeSite Pro’s extensive suite of reports can make it easy to provide this information to your clients

Trust Accounting

Available in Q1 of 2021 our trust accounting module will allow you to create unlimited trust accounts at either Client or Matter level, you will be able to apply monies from trust accounts to invoices raised within Timesite Pro, transfer between trust accounts and much more. A full suit of reports will assist with compliance and management of your trust accounts.

What Do Lawyers Say About Us?

PortraitWe are a small law firm in the Sydney CBD. We have been using TimeSite for many years and recently upgraded to TimeSite Pro. The new system is extremely functional for all staff. Steve Dolan patiently provided us with an excellent and easy-to-follow demonstration of how TimeSite Pro works and highlighted many new features that assist us and our clients. We highly recommend TimeSite Pro.

Susanna Balog, D.C.
Balog & Associates, Solicitors & Attorneys

Start using TimeSite Pro for Lawyers

No credit card needed. All features of TimeSite Pro are included with your 14-day trial account.

Third-party integrations for lawyers and law firms

Timesite Pro is the perfect time tracking software for lawyers and law firms. It can be easily integrated into the MYOB, Paper Cut and iManage systems within minutes.
MYOB Integration

MYOB Advanced, AccountRight & Essentials

TimeSite Pro has developed deep integration with MYOB payroll and accounting solutions. We can export timesheets to your payroll system for hourly-paid staff. And you can export invoices to the MYOB accounting solutions with the simple press of a button.
Xero Integration


You can easily export timesheets to Xero’s payroll module and invoices to Xero’s accounting module. TimeSite Pro makes the setup of the integration with your Xero account quick and easy.
Paper Cut Integrations

Paper Cut

Your photocopying and printing costs can be transferred directly into timesite to be billed against any matter specified.
iManage integration


Open a Matter in Timesite Pro and the matter will appear in iManage. The best iManage integration ever.

Time Mate Free App

Timemate monitors

Timemate monitors your activity

TimeMate tracks your activity as you move from application to application and between different web pages in your browser.

Timemate icons

Analyse billable vs non-billable time

TimeMate enables you to keep track of time that is billable to your clients. Equally, it also enables you to track the time that you need to spend on non-billable time.


Customize how you record time

TimeMate provides a variety of ways to customize the way that you can record your activity.

Download Timemate App legal firms
Timesheet and Track expenses
Timesheet and Track expenses
Timesheet and Track expenses
Timesheet and Track expenses
Timesheet and Track expenses

Smartphone & Tablet Mobile Apps

Our mobile app for smartphones and tablets makes it each for you and your staff to record accurate timesheets at client meetings and other remote locations.
Timesheet mobile app

Timesite Pro App for Tablets & Smartphones

You can both time and expense details on your mobile device even when you are away from your office. Our mobile app automatically synchronises client, matter and activity information so that you can quickly categorise your activities. These details are immediately sent to the TimeSite Pro server keeping everyone up to date.

Timesheet App Apple Store Timesheet App Google Play Store
No Credit Card

No cost to evaluate

You don’t need to provide a credit card to trial our solution. Simply provide your name, email address and phone number, and we’ll establish your trial account in seconds.
Cancel Anytime

Cancel your trial or account at any time

The is no contract lock-in with TimeSite Pro. You can use our software for a couple of months if you wish, and cancel your account if it doesn’t meet your needs.
Unlimited Support

Unlimited technical support

You will always be using our latest version because we take responsibility for maintaining the cloud platform and software. Ask as many questions as you like. We can provide online assistance via Zoom when needed.

Start using TimeSite Pro for Lawyers

No credit card needed. All features of TimeSite Pro are included with your 14-day trial account.

Frequently Asked Questions

TimeSite Pro is available via three subscription plans: Basic, Standard and Accounting. Refer to our pricing page for more information on the features available with each plan.
Yes, you change the number of timesheet and administration users at any time. We automatically adjust your monthly subscription fee as you add and reduce the number of timesheet users.
Yes, please contact us at [email protected] for more information on our discount policy and a subscription cost estimate.
Yes, if you require our involvement with your implementation project, we are happy to provide you with a quotation for this assistance. In general, though, our customers can get started with TimeSite Pro within a couple of days, and then rollout to a pilot implementation over a couple of weeks.
Yes, our quick start wizard enables you to specify the most common settings used by our legal customers. Contact us if you would like our assistance to configure your trial account further.

Request a demonstration

Request Demonstration
We’ll present the key features and capabilities of TimeSite Pro.
You can see the workflow procedures that TimeSite Pro supports.
We’ll answer your detailed questions and demonstrate different configuration options.

We’ll use Zoom to support your staff in different locations and can record the demonstration for your subsequent review.
Our demonstrations usually take 45 minutes but we can take a long as you like to answer all your questions.
Use our online scheduling system to book a TimeSite Pro demonstration at a time to suit your team (and ours!).