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Broadcast Messages

TimeSite Pro enables you to send announcements to all or some of your staff via email, mobile app notifications, and SMS messages. Broadcast messages can be used to update all users on changes to your TimeSite Pro solution, remind users about FAQ and other guidance that they might need to review, or contact information for problem resolution.
Comprehensive messaging options exist within Timesite Pro

Scheduled Messages

You can easily send reminders to your team reminding them to complete and submit their timesheets on time. Messages can be sent on different schedules: daily, weekly, monthly and annually. They can be sent on specific days and times. Emails and notifications can include variables such as %username%.

Triggered Messages

TimeSite Pro can send messages and notifications triggered by different events in our timesheet solution. For example, you can send onboarding messages to staff as they are added to the TimeSite Pro system. Messages can also be triggered when clients and projects are added to your TimeSite Pro account, and team members can be notified that they have been allocated to a new project. Notify managers and supervisors that a timesheet requires their attention for approval. You can also send messages to your clients to request that they authorise work performed on their projects.