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TimeSite’s management dashboard provides you with key management information and performance indicators. You can track staff and job location via the GPS screen. The Finance tab highlights financial and revenue information. You can monitor staff efficiency, revenue and budget performance. The Forecast dashboard enables you to evaluate different revenue and utilisation outcomes. And you can monitor timesheet completion, submission and kiosk use.
Dashboard business intelligence and reporting


The Enquiry screen enables you to quickly specify and display a variety of ad hoc reports and drill-down analysis. You can quickly filter and monitor information by client, project, and user includes actual hours worked, hours billed, costs and revenues. Enquiry provides margin and revenue loss/gain figures. You can compare your actual revenue performance against budget for each active project check that projects are coming in on time and on budget. Enquiries can be quickly developed and saved. Use Enquiries to export timesheet information for use in other reporting and BI systems.


TimeSite Pro provides a wide range of pre-built reports covering Accounting, Client, Dashboard, Project, Resource (user), Time and Timesheet report designs. Reports can be displayed in your browser or downloaded as a pdf or data (e.g. CSV) file. Many reports have a variety of parameters, including date ranges. The TimeSite development team can quickly develop additional reports to your specification. Contact us for more information and a quotation.
Reporting and charting for TimeSite Pro

Export to Reporting Systems

TimeSite Pro makes it easy to export timesheet and other information to your own reporting and BI analysis systems. Refer to our Knowledge Base or contact us for more information on how to configure these data export options.