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TimeSite Pro makes it simple to personalise your account with company details, logos, business address details, and much more. Change project to job or matter; change task to activity; even the terminology that you use in your office can be personalised in TimeSite Pro. You can specify how you’d like your staff to record information in their timesheet; should they clock-on and clock-off from a job or just record the duration. Should they record break times and additional information? Are comments mandatory? Can they attach a photo or a file to the timesheet record?
Simple and easy to personalise

Payroll & Invoice Integration

TimeSite Pro enables you to easily integrate with a variety of different payroll and accounting systems. TimeSite Pro will extract payroll categories and account numbers from these systems and allow you to make timesheet and invoice details to these payroll and accounting ids.

Custom Fields

You can add additional custom text and dropdown fields to different records in your TimeSite Pro account including user, client, project and the timesheet record. You can use these fields in report, enquiries and exports to other systems. Custom timesheet fields can be updated on the mobile app as well as in the browser timesheet layout.
Easy to configure integration with accounting apps


If you are using our Accounting subscription plan, then you can configure your banking details, payment terms, additional invoice line items, tax rates and so on. TimeSite Pro supports multi-currency invoicing and tax rates.

Single Sign-on

TimeSite Pro supports single sign-on integration with Google and Facebook and can also be integrated with your enterprise SSO platform. Contact our support team for more information on enterprise SSO integration.

Zapier & API Integration

You can integrate your TimeSite Pro account with other applications vis Zapier. TimeSite Pro supports a variety of trigger and actions with Zapier. For example, if a user is added to your HR system, you can easily develop a Zapier workflow zap to add that user to your TimeSite Pro account. We also provide a fully documented API and Webhooks integration enabling you to develop a rich integration with other enterprise systems you may be running. Our support team will be happy to discuss this with you in more detail.