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TimeSite Pro Features

Our industry-leading time tracking and billing solution provides a comprehensive range of features enabling you to configure timesheets in a wide variety of ways, export timesheets to a variety of other systems, and report on your time tracking information.

Extensive feature list


Whether you are a professional services firm needing to track billable hours, or a labour-hire firm wanting to roster staff and record their actual hours shift by shift, TimeSite Pro provides a wide range of timesheet layouts, recording and management features.

You can clock-on and clock-off, or record duration in hours, minutes or time units.

Support for both timesheet approval and authorisation for work performed.

Time Tracking for billable and non billable hours
Smartphone & Tablet App

Smartphone & Tablet App

TimeSite Pro makes it easy for your field staff to keep an accurate record of their shifts and activities when away from the office and on the job site. Our mobile app can remind them to clock-on when they arrive on-site and complete their timesheet record when they depart. Staff can submit their timesheet for approval, and your managers and supervisors will approve timesheets also using our mobile app.

Time Billing

TimeSite Pro makes it easy to turn timesheets into accurate invoices and email them to your client from your browser. You can display the work-in-progress revenue status of each of your projects, adjust the billable value of your work, and generate an invoice. Finalised invoices can be exported to your accounting system.

Time and fixed price billing
Rosters & Award Rules

Rosters & Award Rules

You can design various timesheet rosters for different teams, departments and individual users. TimeSite Pro enables you to specify complex award rules for overtime, penalty rates, and allowances. You can apply these rules to different staff, projects and tasks before exporting timesheets to your payroll system.


TimeSite Pro offers a comprehensive range of reporting and analysis services. The Dashboard provides both GPS location information on your users and job locations as well as key performance indicators and status updates. The Enquiry screen provides ad hoc reporting and analysis capabilities. And the Reporting screen allows you to select from a wide variety of reports including accounting, user, project and timesheet reports.

Reporting and business intelligence
Messaging and alerting via SMS and email


TimeSite Pro makes it easy to send messages to remind your team to complete and submit their timesheets. You can notify managers that approvals are waiting for their attention, and that staff have been allocated to projects. You can send onboarding emails to new team members to let them know how to download our mobile app and update their timesheet.


Our solution enables you to quickly set up clients and projects, users and administrators, and cost and bill rates. Project templates make it easy to specify a specific set of tasks for different types of projects. You can automatically assign users to projects, or you can manually assign specific users to individual projects.

Simple and easy to use administration
Extensive configuration options


TimeSite Pro provides a comprehensive suite of configuration options to support a wide variety of time tracking and billing scenarios. You can test a variety of time tracking options during your trial period and then quickly move into a pilot phase to get feedback from your team. Our support team are available to help review your configuration and offer recommendations on best practices.