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Browser Timesheet Entry

Your staff can record their timesheet using a variety of browser layouts supporting different working styles. You can use a list layout to see individual timesheet records. The grid layout is perfect for managing a weekly timesheet. Navigate to different timesheets via a calendar ribbon or a monthly calendar. Timesheet layouts include a summary of time entered and your utilisation percentage. TimeSite Pro includes designs suitable for smaller laptop displays. You can add additional fields to your timesheet, including break times and custom fields.
Timesheet entry via web browser

Kiosk & Mobile Timesheet Entry

Your field staff can use our iOS or Android mobile app for smartphones and tablets to record and submit their timesheet. Our mobile app will record the GPS location of your staff whenever they clock-in or record a timesheet record. Users can submit their timesheet in the field, monitor its approval status and be notified if their timesheet needs to be resubmitted. You can also use a tablet as a kiosk device to enable staff to clock-in and -out from a fixed location or via a supervisor’s tablet.

Track Billable & Non-Billable Time & Expenses

TimeSite Pro enables you to see whether you are deploying your resources effectively. Analyse billable and non-billable hours to discover where you can make better use of your staff resources. TimeSite Pro enables you to easily record timesheet entries to record HR categories such as annual leave and leave in lieu. TimeSite Pro also allows your staff to record expenses via different units such as dollars, km travelled, pages scanned, and so on.
Record and manage employee leave and holidays

Record Leave, Training & Administration Tasks

TimeSite Pro enables you to configure a range of non-client related activities in your timesheet system. You to have a comprehensive view of all of your team’s overheads, including idle time. Leave taken can be recorded and exported to your payroll system.

Submit, Review, Approve & Authorise Timesheets

Your staff can submit their timesheet at the end of the week for approval by their manager. The timesheet is locked unless the manager requests that it be amended and resubmitted. TimeSite Pro will remind your staff that a timesheet needs to be submitted, and notifies youtube managers that a submitted timesheet requires their attention. Timesheet submission and approval can be performed in the field using our mobile app. TimeSite Pro enables your clients to authorise the work performed on a project before the final approval of submitted timesheets by managers. This workflow ensures that your accounting team can prepare accurate and pre-authorised invoices.

Timesheet Statistics

TimeSite Pro provides your staff and managers with key performance indicators of the time recorded in their timesheet each week and the breakdown by different categories, for example, billable vs non-billable. You can track utilisation and report this information to staff, allowing them to track performance against target. TimeSite Pro provides an informative management dashboard showing a range of different indicators. You can easily track staff and project locations, identifying where staff are or have been during the day.

Export Timesheets to Payroll

Your staff can quickly filter and select timesheets for export to your Payroll system. TimeSite Pro supports a wide range of payroll solutions, including MYOB, Xero, KeyPay, HR3, and many more. You can select and process timesheets from your contractors for separate reporting and export. TimeSite Pro will code timesheet records with payroll and activity categories supporting annual and sick leave, overtime payments, and expense reimbursement.
Export timesheet records to payroll systems

Easy To Configure, Extensive Options

It’s easy to configure to TimeSite Pro to reflect the particular way that you want to track time. Change timesheet layouts and include break times and other custom fields, attach a file to the timesheet record, customise your activities, and much more. TimeSite Pro provides a wide range of timesheet options to suit different time tracking requirements across various industries, from legal to mining. You can use different time entry methods, including start & end times, duration, and time units.

TimeMate Records Your Activity

Use TimeMate to record your computer activity, enabling you to automatically add this activity to your timesheet in TimeSite Pro. TimeMate is perfect for legal staff, consultants, accountants, and managers using a Windows PC for their billable activities. At the end of each week, you can submit an accurate timesheet accounting of your time for payroll, billing and management reporting purposes.