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Integrate your timesheets
with ReckonOne

Timesheet records can be exported to ReckonOne’s payroll module and invoices can be exported to ReckonOne’s accounts receivable module.

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Rekon One - Payments

Debt collection can be done in either platform using TimeSite Pro's 'Smart Sync' payments are imported or exported as necessary to ensure they exist in both apps.

Reporting, Dashboard analytics and Aged debtors can be managed via either app your more comfortable with.

ReckonOne Integrations

Rekon Payroll

You can integrate TimeSite Pro with your Rekon payroll system in moments. Simply select Rekon from our list of payroll integrations, login to your Rekon account, and click on Save. TimeSite will enable you to select the Business you want to send timesheets to, and we will download your Pay Items.

You can export both timesheet and expense records to your Rekon payroll system in moments. We track all timesheets batched and exported to Rekon.

Our Rekon integration fully supports our Award Rules engine enabling you to specify how your awards or enterprise agreements are to interpret timesheet records before export to Rekon. TimeSite Pro rules cover overtime, penalty rates, loadings, and allowances and applies them to specific employees, groups of employees, projects and job sites according to your requirements. You have full visibility of your award rules and how they apply to the timesheet records submitted by your staff.

Rekon One - Invoicing

TimeSite Pro enables you to export your time billing invoices to your Rekon One accounting system with the push of a button. Select Rekon from our list of accounting integrations, login to your Rekon account and click on Save. Once connected to your Rekon business, we will download your Rekon account codes to map to your invoice items in TimeSite Pro.

TimeSite Pro invoices can include additional line items as well as your timesheet details. You can attach your invoice and supporting time & materials documents to an email and send it directly to your customer before exporting the invoice to Rekon Accounts Receivable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

TimeSite Pro is available via three subscription plans: Basic, Standard and Accounting. Refer to our pricing page for more information on the features available with each plan.
Yes, you change the number of timesheet and administration users at any time. We automatically adjust your monthly subscription fee as you add and reduce the number of timesheet users.
Yes, please contact us at [email protected] for more information on our discount policy and a subscription cost estimate.
Yes, if you require our involvement with your implementation project, we are happy to provide you with a quotation for this assistance. In general, though, our customers can get started with TimeSite Pro within a couple of days, and then rollout to a pilot implementation over a couple of weeks.
Yes, our quick start wizard enables you to specify the most common settings used by our customers. Contact us if you would like our assistance to configure your trial account further.

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