Our mobile app gets a big upgrade today

Today is a big day for our mobile app: Version 2.0 is now available on the Apple Store and Google Play for you to install.

We’ve received a lot of very positive comments from our users since our mobile app for smartphones and tablets was released over 2 years ago, and we’ve released several significant enhancements since then. However, we felt it was time for a complete do-over of our mobile apps to enable us to incorporate a number of key new features now and into the future.

We’ve introduced offline mode to our app to enable users to continue to add timesheet records and submit timesheets when your smartphone is in flight mode, for example. When our app detects that a link to our server is available again, it synchronises these cached records with our server and updates your timesheet. This new capability also improves overall network performance when connected to our server.

Second, we refreshed and improved our mobile app’s user interface and introduced a consistent UI on both the smartphone and tablet versions. Timesheet records are more clearly outlined, the clock-on and clock-off screens have been redesigned, and we’ve improved the operation of the Submit and Approved screens.


Finally, we introduced the timesheet Approval function to our smartphone app. This feature was previously only available on our tablet app, but we received a lot of feedback asking that we make it available on the smartphone as well. So our hard-working development team figured out how to do this on the smaller screen. We hope that you like this new feature.


If you’re a TimeSite Pro account administrator, please take a moment to let your users know that this new version is available for installation on their device. You might also suggest that they take a moment to review our updated help article covering these new Version 2 features.

We’ve released several other enhancements to TimeSite Pro including new Payroll integrations for MYOB Essentials (for accounting), MYOB Advanced (for payroll, accounting & project management) and KeyPay (for payroll). We’ve made several other major improvements to the way that our current MYOB AccountRight and Xero integrations are configured. We have also made mapping between TimeSite Pro Task Types and payroll and accounting categories much easier to set up.

We continue to work on improving our email and messaging capabilities. If you currently use this feature, we suggest that you take a moment to review these enhancements and our new help article. We’re currently working on a broadcast message feature, so expect more about that in our next announcement email.

As always, we’ve released a lot of quality of life improvements to TimeSite Pro over the last couple of months. For example, you can specifically identify users as timesheet approvers and managers. You can specify whether an incomplete (blank) timesheet is to be created for your users each week. See Settings > System Settings > Timesheets > Approval / Authorisation for these new settings. Our Knowledge Base (this article, see below) has been updated with a complete list of these various enhancements.


We’ve also been working on TimeSite Pro’s multi-currency feature, and this development work will continue. If you would like more information on how we can support rates and invoices in different currencies, please contact us for a demonstration.

We want to thank all our customers who continue to make great suggestions to improve TimeSite Pro; we sincerely appreciate your input. If you’d like to suggest an enhancement, please send an email to support@timesitepro.com. We’ll reply letting you know our thoughts on your suggestion.

TimeSite Pro’s latest round of enhancements

Our development team have had their heads down over the last couple of months working on a new round of enhancements to TimeSite Pro. You may have noticed some of these changes already, but here’s a summary of what we’ve been up to.

  • Payroll and accounting integration with MYOB & Xero enhanced
  • New invoice scheduling introduced
  • Improved and expanded email & notification capabilities
  • Extended API & Webhooks integration
  • Improved Timesheet screen including recording locking information

The majority of our customers use either MYOB or Xero, so enhancing our integration with these two payroll and accounting solutions has been a priority for us. When you first connect to MYOB and Xero, we will automatically download payroll categories (pay items in Xero) and account numbers for invoicing and include them in the mapping pulldowns. This makes it simple to select the correct code. We’ve also included MYOB as a connection option when importing clients, projects and users into TimeSite Pro. You can now use the Advanced Export feature to send timesheets directly into your MYOB cloud account.

Creating time-billing invoices has always been an essential feature of TimeSite Pro, and we enhanced this capability earlier in the year. We’ve further improved invoicing by introducing invoice scheduling. You can create a variety of both general and specific invoicing schedules that can generate either draft or final invoices. If you’ve specified a final invoice, then that invoice can be automatically emailed to your client.

Several customers have suggested new features for our notifications functionality. A common request was for the implementation of an onboarding email sent when adding a new user. You can also specify emails and notifications sent when adding a new project or linking a user to a project. Finally, we’ve enhanced timesheet Approve and Resubmit notifications, including integration with our mobile app.

We mentioned in previous announcements the work that we’ve been doing on our application integration functionality. We’ve completed the development supporting CRUD functions operating on Client, Project, Task, User and Timesheet records. We’ve had this capability working for a limited group of customers for a while now. If you would like to take advantage of these integration features, please give us a call to discuss how we can help you get started. This development also means that we have been able to enhance our Zapier integration. If you would like to be an early adopter of our new TimeSite Pro Zapier app, we can send you an early access invitation.

Of course, the Timesheet screen is the heart of our solution so we’d be remiss if we didn’t continue to deliver improvements here are well. We’ve included a new timesheet layout — Weekly Simple. Take a moment to have a look at it and let us know what you think. We’ve made several changes to the calendar ribbon to make it more robust and intuitive. Hover your mouse over the lock icon in a timesheet record to get a pop-up showing where and why the record is locked. We have also improved the pulldown menus enabling you to easily add new clients, projects, or tasks when adding a timesheet record.

Our Knowledge Base article has more detailed information on all these new features and capabilities. As usual, we stepped on as many bugs as we can find. But don’t hesitate to let us know if you see anything that isn’t working quite the way you think it should. Stay tuned for new initiatives that we have in the works that we’re confident that you’ll like.

Yes, we have been busy improving TimeSite Pro!

We realise that it’s been a while since our last update on enhancements and improvements to TimeSite Pro, so it is time that we brought you up to date with what’s been happening. A lot of work has been happening “under the covers”:

  • adding new reports and report functionality such as showing “favourite” reports on your Dashboard,
  • managing email reminders from the Dashboard,
  • improving our audit logs so that our support team has more information to work with,
  • cleaning up legacy code that was getting in the way of future improvements,
  • making small but important “quality of life” improvements to existing functionality, and naturally,
  • continuing to wrinkle out bugs and problems.

But we have been hard at work at some significant innovations to TimeSite Pro as well.

Application Integration

Timesheets are a core source of information for your business by recording what people are doing, how long they are working on various activities, and applying cost and bill rates to this information so that you can see where you have incurred costs, and revenue is available to be invoiced to your customer. You are then able to see where your profits (and losses) are coming from.

We want to be able to share this timesheet information easily with other applications as well as enabling you to establish seamless and efficient workflows to support your timesheet capabilities. We have previously mentioned our development work on our API capabilities. This capability is now available for you to use.

Our application integration capability comes in three flavours: API keys, webhooks and Zapier integration.

API keys enable you to access and retrieve information stored in your TimeSite Pro account as well as update this information. For example, you can build an integration that lets you create a Client record in TimeSite Pro when you add a new client to your CRM system. You can access timesheet records in TimeSite Pro and store them in your project management system for budget to actual comparisons.


Webhooks are used to alert another application of a change in status to information stored in TimeSite Pro. For example, you can be informed that a client record has been created in TimeSite Pro and then use our API to access that record and add it to your accounting system.


Both API keys and webhooks require a programming interface to be developed by your IT team. We would be delighted to talk to your technical team about how they can take advantage of these capabilities.

If you want to develop an integration with TimeSite Pro without the complexity of an IT coding project, then we suggest that you use Zapier to build a Zap that can integrate TimeSite Pro with literally thousands of other cloud applications that have also developed an integration with Zapier. A simple Zap might be “triggered” when a new Project is added to TimeSite Pro that sends a message to your installation team via Slack. Zaps can include conditional logic, multiple paths, additional functions, and a variety of different actions associated with various cloud services.


In addition to the work that we have been doing on our integration, take a moment to review our changes to our timesheet export features, especially our Advanced Export feature that we discussed in our last announcement. This feature enables you to export Client and Timesheet data for use in your invoicing solution.

Mobile App Enhancements

We have continued to work on our GPS, geofencing and Kiosk capabilities in our mobile app. For example, you can directly access GPS location from a timesheet record when you are approving a submitted timesheet. You can also easily monitor your staff location when they clock-on via our Kiosk on a tablet device via the Dashboard > Kiosk widget. The current version of our mobile app on both iOS and Android devices is 1.6.11. Please make sure that your staff turn on auto-update on their mobile devices so that they are always using the current version of our app.

Approval and Invoice Improvements

The Approval workflow has received many improvements over the last couple of months. You can access the GPS location attached to the timesheet record, you can see whether the timesheet has been used in an invoice, you can notify a user that their timesheet has been approved or sent back to them to be resubmitted, attachments can be viewed, and a pop-up panel will show the approval status of a timesheet. We have also added Timesheet Approver and Timesheet Approval Status to the Enquiry Group and Total fields.

We continue to improve the Invoice feature of TimeSite Pro, and you will have noticed that we’ve completed the redesign of the three Invoice screens: WIP, Invoiced, and Collect. In the WIP screen, it’s now simpler to either “invoice” or “write-off” a client’s or project’s timesheet screen via a button. We have improved the Settings and Actions pulldown with:

  • additional filters, date range options and invoice date options,
  • add a timesheet record in the WIP screen,
  • improved invoice email features including attachments, and
  • adjust billable hours and units in both the WIP and the Invoiced screens.

We have improved the Settings and Actions pulldown in the Invoiced screen as well. There are some more enhancements to come in the next few weeks as well.


Finally, we have released the first version of a new product called TimeMate. TimeMate sits on your desktop and logs your time spent on different activities during the day. It stops logging time when you are away from your computer. You’ll have a record of all the actions you have performed at the end of the day, week or month. TimeMate integrates with TimeSite Pro by adding timesheet records directly into your timesheet. We encourage you to download and install TimeMate on your Windows 10 desktop and try it out. We are keen to get your feedback via an email to support@timesitepro.com.


Our last major release for 2018 just arrived

We’ve just released our last major build for 2018, and we’re very excited about many of the enhancements included in this release. Our hard-working development team have been… well, hard at work on both our web server app and our mobile apps for smartphones and tablets. Let’s start with the key new feature that we’ve released for our web interface.

The first thing you will notice when you open our app in your browser is a new main menu option: Export. The timesheet export to payroll function has long been hidden in the Admin screen. We felt that it was time to bring this core feature into the sun and integrate it with the functionality previously found in the Process Time screen. These two functions were complementary in that they both allowed you to export timesheet records to payroll and other systems. We felt that it was time to feature them together on our main menu bar. You can enable the Advanced features of this new Export screen in Settings > Export Timesheets > Export options. Refer to the help article, Export Timesheets, for more information on this feature. This enhancement also represented our opportunity to enable the separation of our integration with payroll and accounting systems. You can now export timesheets to your payroll system, and then export invoices to a different accounting system.

While we’re on the subject of integration, you might like to have a look at the progress we’ve made with our API. You can find a link to the documentation of our API functions at Settings > Integration and click on the Documentation link. This will enable you to explore our timesheet and user record integration. New integration features will be progressively rolled out and included in this documentation site.

We have also completed the rollout of our new Kiosk feature in our mobile tablet app. We mentioned this feature in our last release announcement, and it’s now complete.

Once you’ve enabled this feature in Settings > System Settings > Features > Kiosk, you can set a Kiosk PIN for your users. This PIN allows a supervisor to set their tablet into Kiosk mode enabling other users to enter their unique, individual PIN and then clock on when they arrive for work or commence a new job. When it comes time to clock off, they return to the Kiosk tablet, enter their PIN again, and clock off by entering the details (project and task) of the work they’ve just completed. Users can clock on and off multiple times per day. There’s a new Dashboard widget that allows you to keep track of which users have clocked on and where they are. Check out the new help article, Mobile App: Kiosk Mode, explaining this enhancement.


While we are talking about our mobile app, we have also completed the development work on our geofencing and notifications features. You can set an address and boundary for a project or job worksite and users will be reminded to clock in and out when they arrive or depart from that site. You can specify that users will be automatically clocked on and off from the project as they cross the geofence boundary.

This build includes many new features too numerous to include in this brief announcement. I encourage you to have a look at our detailed knowledge base article on the specific features included in this release. You’ll also find links to new and expanded help articles on the many features of TimeSite Pro included in this build. As is always the case, we’ve released many “quality of life” improvements to TimeSite Pro that we hope you’ll enjoy.

We offer a sincere thank you to all of our customers who’ve submitted excellent enhancement requests to our development team. We highly value the input that we get from our customers about ways to improve TimeSite Pro’s features, and we’ll continue to carefully evaluate all your enhancement requests as they arrive at support@timesitepro.com. We wish you all the best for the holiday season and, like you, look forward to a wonderful and productive 2019.

TimeSite improvements continue to roll out

The TimeSite development team continues to work through our enhancement list. Unfortunately for our diligent developers, our thoughtful customers continue to offer wonderful ideas for improvements. So here is a new round-up of our latest round of enhancements released in our September builds.

The eagle-eyed among you may have already noticed a new item appearing in the Profile tab of the User record: Kiosk Pin. We are working on a new enhancement of our tablet mobile app that will allow it to be set to “kiosk” mode allowing multiple users to log in to the mobile via a Pin, and record their timesheet record. You can mount an iOS or Android tablet in a convenient location to support this kiosk mode of data sharing. We’ll update you on this development when we release a new version of our tablet app in the near future.

Similarly, we are preparing for new app integration options using an API key that can be set via a new Settings menu option, Integration. Again, we’ll document this important new feature in more detail shortly.

The Enquiry report builder has been improved with a number of new Standard Reporting options: including the addition of Timesheet Approver and Approval Status, and User Contractor and Name to the Group by Fields, new Data fields including Project and Task Budget fields, new filters including Approver and Approval Status, and improvements to the Date Range options.

We’ve made some changes to the User > Security panel to clarify and rationalise Screen security vs Rights security. You can specify whether users are to have access to view and edit cost and bill rate. Certain security settings are automatically set for Administration users. We suggest that you review these security settings for your existing users in case these changes impacts on the access rights that you are now able to specify.

You might have also noticed that we’ve added the option to specify that a timesheet user is a Contractor in the Admin > User > Profile panel. This enables you to filter by Contractor user in the Admin > Timesheet Export screen. This means that you can filter and select all Contractors and then select the Process – No Export option to mark their timesheet records as having been “processed” for payroll purposes. Typically, you will prepare an Enquiry report for these Contractors to assist with invoice reconciliation against their timesheet records.

We’ve improved the layout of the Project and Task Budget panels (Admin > Project > Finance) to clarify the meaning and logic that applied to these settings. We’ve also improved the layout of the Invoice > WIP screen and also implemented a pulldown Settings and Actions menu to specify what is to be displayed in the WIP screen.

As is always that case, we’ve made lots of smaller “quality of life” improvements and fixed a number of bugs that we’ve found and our users have reported. Keep sending us your suggestions for improvement. We continue to get great feedback from our users that they appreciate our ongoing improvement to TimeSite Pro. Please refer to our Knowledge Base formore information on these enhancements as well as other TimeSite Pro features.

Regards, The TimeSite Team …

TimeSite rolls out enhancement requests from our clients

You might think that we’ve been a little quiet for the last couple of months but only because we’ve been hard at work delivering on many enhancement requests from our clients as well as introducing new features to our mobile apps.

For example, you may have noticed a new tab in our Project panel: Geofencing. This tab allows you to define a boundary around a location that our mobile app will recognise. When your user enters and leaves that location, our app will remind them to create a timesheet entry and (via a mobile app setting) automatically create a timesheet record. The Dashboard > Project Location tab displays all or selected geofence locations.

We’ve added mobile notifications to TimeSite Pro to enable you to remind your users to complete and submit their timesheets and to notify your managers that a timesheet is available for them to approve. Note that if the user doesn’t have our mobile app installed, then the notification can be sent to their mobile as an SMS message.

Another key feature that has been requested by a number of our clients is integration with single sign-on authentication providers. We’ve rolled out support for Google, Facebook and LinkedIn enabling your users to sign-in to TimeSite using their Google, Facebook or LinkedIn id. This feature is enabled on a provider basis in Settings > System Settings > Features. We’ve also added the ability for our clients using Microsoft Office 365 to use LDAP via SSL to meet their SSO requirement.

We have made many feature enhancements to improve our user’s quality of life with TimeSite Pro. Here’s a (brief) list:

  • use the department code to restrict the automatic linking of users to projects by the department code
  • improve the responsiveness of the user and project panels by including a button in the link tab to “load and show links”
  • distinguish contractors from staff users via the Contractor flag in the user record
  • quickly select a date range in the Enquiry report builder such as this week, last fortnight, or 2 months ago
  • add HR3 to our list of payroll partners for the timesheet export feature
  • redesign the standard invoice and time & material report
  • add a new Resource Utilization report
  • add a button to enable you to quickly reset enquiry filters.

Please review our detailed Knowledge Base article on these and many other enhancements to TimeSite Pro. We’ll be adding new help articles to our Knowledge Base as well. Please keep sending us your requests for improvements and changes. We value your input and many of your requests can be quickly implemented in TimeSite Pro by our development team.

Regards, The TimeSite Team…


TimeSite Pro lays foundation for major new features

Our hard-working development team continues to deliver significant improvements to TimeSite Pro’s time tracking, costing and billing solution. Our most recent build, 12 April, has focused on three crucial functions of TimeSite Pro: the Enquiry, Approve and Settings tabs. And we’ve laid some core foundations for two exciting new enhancements that we’ll be introducing over the coming months.

The Enquiry tab is one of the most popular functions in TimeSite Pro. It’s used to build quick ad hoc enquiries, management reports, and data export routines. It forms the backbone for the reporting requirements of many of our customers. We’ve completely redesigned this feature to improve it’s functionality, layout and efficiency.

We’ve implemented enhancements to the Approve tab to enable you to quickly change the timesheet Approver and the Status of the timesheet and then apply these changes to multiple timesheets. We’ve also improved the way that the Approve tab displays a timesheet and then drills down to a specific timesheet record.

You’ll find two significant enhancements to TimeSite Pro emerging in this new release. We’re beginning to roll-out our Geofencing feature starting with a new tab in the Project administration panel. Secondly, we’ll be progressively releasing is the ability to send notifications to our mobile app including geofence alerts. Look for future announcements on these two enhancements including enhancements to our mobile apps.

We’re continuing to work through each of the Settings sub-menus to apply our new UI style to each of these screens. You’ll find that these new Settings screens have a much more intuitive layout and will make the configuration of TimeSite Pro features even easier.

You’ll find a complete description of these and many other enhancements in our Knowledge Base article on this new build. We’ll also be updating help articles documenting these new features and improvements in more detail, and they’re linked in the Announcement article. Please also keep sending us any suggestions for improvement to support@timesitepro.com.

TimeSite Pro’s recent builds continues our new design rollout

Our TimeSite development team continues to roll out our new UI style across our time tracking solution. In our most recent two releases (11 Mar and 19 Mar) we have been particularly focused on our Admin and Approval screens. Our new UI design also includes important improvements to our navigation and editing strategy.

These improvements to Settings, Approval and Admin screens are currently being documented in our Knowledge Base and you’ll find links to all these new and amended articles on the KB Announcements Page over the coming days.

We’ve introduced a number of improvements to the way TimeSite Pro handles the linking of users to projects, as well as the way that cost and bill rates are set with these links. We’ve also introduced improvements to project budgets and alerts. There are lots of other cool improvements to key features such as project templates. Please refer to the detailed KB articles for more detailed information on these topics.

There have been a number of changes made to the way that TimeSite Pro handles data import and export, and a number of the data import templates have been enhanced. This won’t break any existing data import files that you currently use, but it would be worth taking time to review these new templates for additional fields that can now be imported.

As always, we continue to work on performance improvements and overall stability. If you have any problems, including any difficulties with our new screens and functions, please let us know via an email to support@timesitepro.com. We’ll also be happy to chat with you online and take your calls to our support line.

You can find more information on these recent enhancements in our Knowledge Base.

TimeSite Pro latest build (11 Feb 2018) includes many new features and fixes

The TimeSite development team has been working hard implementing our new UI/UX design with a new build rolled out over the weekend, 11 Feb 2018. We have also corrected a number of errors that have been identified by our users and our testing programs. Major (and minor) new features that have been released include:

  • System Settings now allows both default Country and State to be set. These defaults will be used when creating new records that have country/state fields.
  • We have received valuable feedback from our customers regarding their use of smaller laptop screens and so we have implemented a new “Smaller Screen” option that will optimise the number of timesheet rows that can be displayed.
  • Both the Timesheet Setting and Quick Settings menus how show thumbnail images of the different screen designs aiding the selection of your preferred timesheet layout.
  • We continue to improve our integration with MYOB Online ensuring that the linking process is more robust and implementing an improved capability to automatically set up the connection to MYOB Online. This will also improve the way that we can link with various MYOB record types including Jobs, Activities, Clients, and so on.
  • Notices will soon be able to be sent to users via both emails and SMS messages; we will be extending these capabilities progressively over forthcoming releases.
  • Charts and Reports in the Dashboard panel now include a Print option. Reports can be further customised to match your requirements.
  • We have released an update to our smartphone and tablet app to crush a couple of bugs that we missed. Please update to version 1.3.11 as soon as you can.

We’re really excited about the positive feedback we’ve been receiving about our new design style. Our designers are thrilled at the impact they are having on our development team. We continue to seek your input though. If you have any suggestions or requests on how we can continue to improve either our functionality and our look, please don’t hesitate to send a message to us at support@timesitepro.com.

You can find more information on the 11 Feb 2018 build in our Knowledge Base.

New TimeSite Pro Tablet App & Enhancements in 31 Jan 2018 Build

TimeSite is delighted to announce the latest update to our mobile app specifically designed for iPads and Android tablets together with a range of new features for our cloud application. We continue to invest significantly in our mobile development project in addition to continuous enhancements to both our user interface and the core functionality of the TimeSite Pro cloud application. The latest version of our smartphone and tablet mobile app is 1.3.09. The most significant new feature of our new tablet app is the ability to review and approve submitted timesheets. Our Knowledge Base has more information on our new TimeSite Pro Tablet App.

We have also released a new build of our cloud app (dated 31 Jan 2018) that includes a number of major enhancements.

  • Our new look and feel continues its rollout in several of the screens in the Admin tab. Check out the User administration screen for a sample of what’s to come.
  • Task Code can be enabled from System Settings and is then available in the Task admin panel.
  • Major enhancements have been introduced to our MYOB Online integration and functionality including additional error checking and handling, and intelligent field mapping between TimeSite Pro and MYOB Online.
  • Continued enhancements to our Dashboard panel including the option to Print data relating to each widget.
  • The Dashboard’s User Location map includes the option to send the app download link to all or selected users.
  • Plus lots of changes under the hood which allow for better looking, more functional and faster screens.

You can find more information on our latest build at New Tablet App & Core Enhancements in 31 Jan 2018 Build in our new TimeSite Pro Knowledge Base.

We have an exciting development program mapped out for 2018 and we’ll continue to keep you updated on our progress. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our new TimeSite Pro Tablet App or our latest TimeSite Pro cloud release.