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Our development team works hard at improving TimeSite Pro. Find announcements on these enhancements here.

TimeSite Pro Announcements

Our last major release for 2018 just arrived, 6 Dec 2018

We've just released our last major build for 2018, and we're very excited about many of the enhancements included in this release. Our hard-working development team have been… well, hard at work on


TimeSite improvements continue to roll out, 3 Oct 2018

The TimeSite development team continues to work through our enhancement list. Unfortunately for our diligent developers, our thoughtful customers continue to offer wonderful ideas for improvements.


TimeSite rolls out enhancement requests from our clients (20 Aug 2018 build)

You might think that we've been a little quiet for the last couple of months but only because we've been hard at work delivering on many enhancement requests from our clients as well as introducing


TimeSite enhancements to Invoice screen (7 May build)

Announcement One of TimeSite Pro's key features is our ability to quickly and efficiently turn timesheet details into an accurate and timely invoice to your client. Our most recent build, 7 May,


TimeSite Pro lays foundation for major new features (12 Apr build)

Announcement Our hard-working development team continues to deliver significant improvements to TimeSite Pro's time tracking, costing and billing solution. Our most recent build, 12 April, has


TimeSite Pro’s recent builds (11 & 19 Mar) continues our new design rollout

Announcement Our TimeSite development team continues to roll out our new UI style across our time tracking solution. In our most recent two releases (11 Mar and 19 Mar) we have been particularly


TimeSite Pro latest build (11 Feb 2018) includes many new features and fixes

The TimeSite development team has been working hard implementing our new UI/UX design with a new build rolled out over the weekend, 11 Feb 2018. We have also corrected a number of errors that have


New Tablet App & Enhancements in 31 Jan 2018 Build

TimeSite is delighted to announce the latest update to our mobile app specifically designed for iPads and Android tablets together with a range of new features for our cloud application. We continue


TimeSite Pro version 7 launched, 20 Dec 2017

TimeSite announces the release of TimeSite Pro version 7 today. Version 7 includes: numerous enhancements to TimeSite Pro core features and capabilities, the progressive rollout of our new TimeSite


Welcome to our new Help Center! 20 Dec 2017

You're looking at our new TimeSite Help Center. We're in the process of redeveloping all our help content and updating the content to reflect many new features and UI developments. The Help Center is