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We've completed a major upgrade of our AWS servers, 6 Oct 2021

06 October 2021

Over the last two weekends, our team has completed a major upgrade of our AWS servers and infrastructure. We've implemented new security capabilities and as well as automatic software upgrade services. Our mobile app servers have also been enhanced to enable us to develop new features for iOS 15 and Android 10 native apps. These upgrades will provide important behind-the-scenes support for new enhancements coming in the future.

In the meantime, we've also introduced a number of new and enhanced features to TimeSite Pro that we'd like to highlight.

Invoicing continues to be a major focus of our recent development efforts thanks to some great input from a number of our customers. In our last update, we discussed enhancements to the Invoice > WIP screen to make it easier to adjust billable time and units and to track these adjustments. We've now incorporated our recent enhancement to Fixed Price projects to enable you to check the status of progress invoicing of these types of projects.

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We've improved the productivity of our Timesheet Approvals by including navigation to the Previous and Next timesheet in the Approve details screen. This enables you to review the details of a submitted timesheet, approve it, and then move to the next timesheet requiring your action.

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Finally, you now have the option of flagging reports as My Reports or My Company reports improving access to reports that you and your colleagues use regularly. We've included new security settings to restrict users to reports identified as My Reports or My Company reports to address data privacy concerns.

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Our development team appreciates all the enhancement suggestions that we receive from our customers and, indeed, prospective customers. Quite a number of these new and improved features have resulted from discussions with you. Let us know if you have any other thoughts about how we can improve TimeSite Pro in the future by sending an email to [email protected] or sending a message to us via our in-app chat service. You can find more details on these and other recent enhancements to TimeSite Pro in our Knowledge Base.

New Features

  • The Forecast tab in the Dashboard sees a major overhaul, this screen now shows actual revenue and has the ability to track against a user-defined company budget. The chart can be switched between monthly or accumulated data. You must check this tool out!
  • Adjustments made in the Invoice > WIP screen are now logged and can be reviewed, these logs are carried forward to the invoice once created, this provides great visibility around any adjustments made to the records in an invoice.
  • There are a couple of new reports available: Timesheet Shortfall reports show the actual vs targets, A User-level target vs actual report and a Client-level time and a financial summary report. We will continue to review, revise and improve on the current suite of reports. If you have a wish list for a new report or adjustments to existing ones please let us know via an email to [email protected].
  • Timesheet approvals can now be actioned much more quickly with the addition of the Previous and Next buttons in the Approve detail screen. Open the first timesheet you need to approve, action it by clicking the new next button and the next detail screen is loaded. You no longer have to go back to the main Approve screen to open the next timesheet to approve.
  • There is now more visibility when you are billing fixed-price projects. In the Invoice > WIP and Invoice > Invoiced screens you can now see the fixed price details, this allows you to manage your billing and work expended to date much more efficiently.
  • Reports can now be tagged as My Company favourites and/or as user favourites (My Reports). The user favourites setting allows the administrator to assign selected reports to specific users and through the use of the user's security settings remove all other reporting access from a user other than the favourites set by the administrator.

Bug Fixes

  • Opening the web app via a link in an email on a mobile device now opens the web app for mobiles instead of the web app for desktops.

  • Text pasted from word or other sources into the timesheet records description field can contain formatting which in some cases broke the approval detail screen, this has been resolved.

  • In some cases there was a rounding issue when receiving payments resulting in either 1 cent owing or 1 cent credits, this has been resolved.

  • New contacts in some cases could not be created for clients, this has been resolved

Full Details

  • Begin to build the new SignalR platform to support the new messaging for the apps.
  • Add the ability to set an annual company budget, this budget is used in the forecast screen in the dashboard.
  • Add logging for activity in the WIP screen, this activity is stored against the client or project depending on the grouping type in the wip screen, it is automatically transferred to the invoice once one is created, the WIP activity tracks events such as billable hour adjustments.
  • Resolve an issue with pasted text from word into timesheet description field and the subsequent rendering of this data in the approve detail screen.
  • Add tooltip mouse over comments icon and truncate the comments field in the timesheet items grid view in the approval detail screen.
  • Implement the adjusted hours worked logic via a SQL trigger.
  • Add new report, Client - Time and Financial summary and detail.
  • Add new report: Timesheet - Shortfall by Month - User. Add new report: Timesheet - Shortfall by Fortnight - User.
  • Add new report: Timesheet - Shortfall by Weekly Totals - User.
  • Enhance the existing report: Resource - Accounting - Target vs Actual - YTD and Prev Full Month.
  • Implement the ability to set the email sender address, this should help with sending email on behalf of clients, it should stop emails being caught as spam, it still needs a bit more testing.
  • Implement the ability to set the default date range in the wip screen as a system setting that will override the users last date range setting.
  • Improve the logging for sent emails.
  • Resolve an error when creating project templates, the cancel process did not clear the new record status properly.
  • Add both user-defined fields for the user to the user admin grid.
  • Resolve an issue with the authorisation screen where it was showing records to people who did not have rights to view.
  • Add the ability to action and move forward in the timesheet approval detail screen, this allows for much faster approval when reviewingeach timesheet.
  • Collect the MYOB logged on users security settings in an attempt to resolve the MYOB administrator login problem.
  • Modify the forecast screen to allow switching between aggregated and individual monthly data views.
  • Adjust the forecast % figure the user can enter to be the full forecast - not an addition or subtraction to the estimated forecast.
  • Show actual revenue against the budget, estimate and forecast numbers.
  • Add another option to the WIP date range selectors: All records to end of last month.
  • Add a new system setting to allow the admin to set a default date range for the WIP screen, regardless of what the user last selected.
  • Resolve rounding issues with making payments. Improve logging of actions and adjustments when making/applying payments.
  • Resolve an issue with applying secondary adjustments to wip or invoice records, the secondary adjustment now overrides the primary adjustment instead of appending to it.
  • Add fixed price data to the invoice creation process (WIP screen).
  • Add the ability to leave comments when making hour or unit adjustments in the wip or invoice screens.
  • Add color coding to the timesheet items screens in wip and invoice to indicate a positive or negative adjustment.
  • Add more options to the reporting settings, this allows us to aggregate reports and reduce the number of almost duplicate reports we have.
  • Allow an administrator to select a user in the reporting screen so they can assign access to selected reports to specific users.
  • Stop mappings being deleted when switching between MYOB online and MYOB desktop versions.
  • Modify the layout in the timesheet approval detail screen to match our std grid layout.
  • Resolve issue where new contacts could not be created for clients.
  • Ensure the mobile web screen is shown to users who click on an email with a link to open timesheet when doing so using a mobile.