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Maintaining our momentum during 2021, 22 September 2021

22 September 2021

Now that we’ve got past our EOFY tasks, we should be ready for a new project or two. For the TimeSite team, it’s time to take stock of what we’ve achieved in the last few months and get ready for our next series of updates through to the end of 2021. Rather than making this a (too) long email, we’ll provide a summary of the major enhancements and improvements and encourage you to review our detailed Announcement (this article) and various updated help articles in our Knowledge Base.

Focus Areas

  • Ongoing improvements to our MYOB integration as they rollout MYOB Essentials improving performance, reliability and status feedback
  • Xero integration updated with improved progress and notifications
  • Roster screen improvements
  • Reports screen and reporting improvements
  • Dashboard screen and graphs improvements
  • Invoicing WIP improvements
  • Project budgets and finance improvements

One of the biggest areas of enhancement has been to the User > Security screen. Depending on which TimeSite Pro features have been enabled, additional and more granular options are now available. You can use the updated User - Security - Permissions by User Status report to review how user security permissions have been set up in your account.

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Another major area of enhancement has been to our Invoice screens. For example, we've redesigned our Invoice > WIP screen to make it easier to adjust the billable time and units for individual and selected timesheet records before they are included in a draft invoice. These changes are highlighted and you can review the history of adjustments made.

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As always, we'll continue to improve the performance of TimeSite Pro. You'll notice, for example, that list screens are loading much faster. We are also working on updates to both our iOS and Android apps, so watch this space. Let us know if you have any suggestions for improvements to TimeSite Pro that will help you and your colleagues. You can find more details on this and other updates to TimeSite Pro in our Knowledge Library. We are always keen to hear from our customers as to how we can improve our solution.

Release Summary 2021-03-23

  • Multiple bill rates by currency
  • Show attachments in the expense approval screen
  • Project & Task show different tabs for Financial and Budget


  • MYOB timesheet export can separate non-time records from spend money records
  • Include break times in Award Rules
  • Redesign the primary WIP reports
  • Redesign the Project Template screen


  • Improvements to the Forecast Revenue dashboard widget
  • Projects can have a specific Bill Currency
  • Tasks deleted in a Project Template will be made inactive if they are linked to timesheet records
  • Time and Non-Time tasks are now displayed separately
  • Timesheet records also have a View Audit button


  • Change the start day of the timesheet week but not earlier than the last timesheet record
  • The Advanced Export screen has been redesigned to include pulldown settings


  • Bug fixes & minor improvements


  • Invoice payments can be automatically adjusted for very discrepancies (<3 cents) & noted in the new payment comments field
  • Timesheets can display the budget amount remaining for hours worked or billable
  • The Helpdesk screen layout and tooltips have been improved


  • Bug fixes & minor improvements


  • Add Budget hours over/under to Project name in timesheet screens
  • You can now “lock” invoices to ensure only authorised staff can delete them
  • Cost and Bill rates will not refer to a “zero cost/bill rate”
  • GST values are now rounded to 4 decimal places
  • Credit invoices create payment records when finalised enabling a credit that can be used later
  • User, Client & Project screens now use a paging UI helping with performance


  • New Selected filter enables you to display only the invoices you are working with
  • Send All Invoices now enables you to aggregate invoices by client and recipient
  • The Invoiced screen includes a new column displaying the number of attachments


  • Inline manual has been introduced in a trial, we will roll out additional help information over time


  • Allow submitted timesheets to be submitted and unlocked for editing, both browser & mobile app


  • API updated to allow new Tickets to be created
  • Fixed Price projects can now be billed via progress claims, text including variables can be specified
  • Invoice Schedules can specify either Time & Materials or Fixed Price invoices
  • Include sub-project in the Invoice > WIP screen
  • Increase the MYOB client import limit to 1000
  • Improve MYOB client matching for both Essentials & AccountRight
  • Improve progress messages and logging for MYOB timesheet exports
  • Improve the Dashboard Trend settings


  • Invoices can be created based on fixed price progress invoicing
  • Dashboard reports are now called My Reports. Favourite reports are now called My Company reports. The Reports and Dashboard screens have been updated accordingly. Report parameters are renamed to Report Options. Timesheet reports have been grouped as Time reports.
  • Dashboard Trend screen has been updated to remove confusion about averages
  • Fixed Price billing text now includes variables


  • User security updated to include My Reports and Company Reports
  • New security option controlling User Security access
  • Separate Finance and Budget tabs added to the Task panel
  • Ensure that the Project budget cannot be enabled if Task budgets are set


  • Security option added to specify read-only access to the Trust Accounting screen
  • Update the User Security report to include new security settings
  • The authorisation screen can filter by project


  • Enable rosters to be published individually or for a whole week. Publishing a roster will create timesheet records linked to the roster and these can be colour coded.
  • Individual rosters can be deleted (revoked) which will also delete unedited timesheet records linked to the roster
  • Time billable time can be differentiated between adjustment and write-off
  • The Roster workday can be specified by start time and end time of day
  • Email and SMS messages can be specified in the Messaging screen for Roster publishing and revoking
  • Enquiry option added to control the shading of duplicate records
  • Comments can be added to Roster timesheet records
  • Improve the Resource Bill Rate Allocation report replacing two previous versions of this report
  • Roster screen UI can been improved with the addition of a sliding selection panel


  • Improvements made to the display of project code/number in lists and pulldowns
  • The Dashboard Performance and Efficiency charts have been updated to handle larger datasets
  • Invoice WIP screen improved for “but say” adjustments