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Our end of year roundup, 23 Dec 2020

23 December 2020

As 2020 draws to a close, we'd like to take this opportunity to thank our customers and partners for all your support and encouragement during this challenging year. We started 2020 with several important objectives for TimeSite Pro's development roadmap:

  • Extend and complete our messaging feature;
  • Improve our core invoice features adding invoice schedules;
  • Add a powerful award rules engine that can support all award and enterprise agreement payroll and allowances conditions;
  • Add shift and roster management;
  • Streamline our subscription billing system;
  • Include new features to our management dashboard including forecasts;
  • Deliver a significant release of our mobile apps (version 2.2) with offline synchronisation and timesheet approval.

We'll finish our 2020 development plan just as strongly by adding additional features for timesheet scheduling. This means that we can support Shift management, Rosters for project resource allocation, and activity ticketing capabilities via our Helpdesk. If you have not enabled Rostering & Award Interpretation in Settings > Subscription > Manage Plan, you can schedule a software demonstration with us to review these features whenever convenient. enter image description here This final TimeSite Pro release brings to a close our 2020 development roadmap. We'll consider our 2021 roadmap during January and February and take input from our customers and partners. Have you ever wanted TimeSite Pro to do something new, or have an idea about how to improve a feature or screen? Please contact us if you have any ideas and suggestions that you would like to discuss further. Or send your enhancement request to [email protected]. The best ideas come from our customers!

In our last build for 2020, we've made several improvements to our Invoice features:

  • Add extra date and filter options to the Show settings and action panel;
  • Enhance the invoice Process function to improve performance;
  • Enhance Fixed Price capabilities including group by project items;
  • New indexing to improve the create invoice and make payment features.

enter image description here You'll also find new capabilities associated with the Timer feature in the Timesheet screen. The timer is now available with all time entry methods except time units. The timer will now reset and restart when you save your timesheet record supporting a continuous time recording approach to your timesheet. enter image description here The new Dashboard > Trend screen enables you to track trends in working hours using a moving average. You can highlight users who vary from the overall average by more than a set threshold. So you can ask the question: show me all users who are working 20% more or less than the overall average of timesheet hours. We've also added new capabilities to reports, such as showing only time or non-time related timesheet data on selected reports.

We'll be taking a holiday break during the week of 28 December, and we'll be back at work on Monday 4 January. We'll continue to monitor all systems and respond to support issues via [email protected] during our holiday break.

We wish you a safe and happy holiday season and look forward to working closely with you during 2021.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from The TimeSite Team.