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Recent enhancements to Award Rules, 25 Nov 2020

25 November 2020

Since releasing our new Award Rules engine, we've received many suggestions that substantially improve on our initial release, including the implementation of rules specifying allowances linked to individual projects and tasks. Allowance rules can incorporate time of day, day of the week, public holidays, and per week/day/hour rates. You can then link an allowance rule to a specific project or task within that project. So, as staff move from project to project, you can pay them a different allowance based on a project-specific agreement. enter image description here We're happy to work with you to see how our Award Rules engine can support your award or enterprise agreements. Please have a look at my online calendar to schedule either a phone call or software demonstration whenever convenient to discuss this feature in more detail.

Our Helpdesk module is being currently being enhanced and updated with our standard UI design. It's now available with our Standard and Accounting subscription plans at no additional cost. You can create a specific task or job ticket and allocate this work to one of your staff. They add a timesheet record indicating the time spent on this task and whether it is complete. We'd like to get your feedback on any additional features that would make Helpdesk work for your organisation. If you want to have a look at the Helpdesk module, you can enable access via your User > Security settings.
enter image description here You're now able to restrict the list of projects available to copy when creating a new project. You can enable this feature via Settings > System Settings > Features > Project > Only specified Projects are available to copy. Then go to Admin > Project > [select project] > Profile and enable Allow this Project to be copied. When you add a new project, only those projects enabled via this attribute will be displayed. enter image description here As is always the case, we've included many other improvements and fixes to TimeSite Pro. Here is a brief summary of the major enhancements.

  • Finalise our Free for 3 subscription option
  • Subscription user count is updated and billed nightly
  • You can select Active or Inactive Users in reports
  • Timesheet attachments can be included in invoice emails
  • New security settings for modifying invoices
  • Improved MYOB client matching
  • Improved pop-up menu on WIP and Invoice screens
  • Improved screen design for project templates and tasks
  • Invoices are set to Completed once fully paid

We generally release a new build every one to two weeks. So this announcement consolidates these various enhancements and improvements. We anticipate releasing one more major build before Christmas. We'll also be reviewing our development program for 2021 in the new year. If you have any suggestions for new or improved features that you would like us to consider, please contact us for a discussion, or send an email to [email protected]. We greatly appreciate your input.

Warm regards, The TimeSite Team.