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We’ve improved TimeSite subscription and user administration

25 August 2020

Our TimeSite development team has just released a significant enhancement to our Subscription and User Administration capabilities. Previously, our customers updated the number of users that you paid for using the Settings > Subscription screen. You then separately added new users and made existing users inactive in the Admin > User screen. We were finding that our customers finished up having more subscription users than actual users. We decided that this situation needed improvement and that we should streamline the administration of both your subscription and users.

We’ve enhanced our subscription billing system so that you only pay for the number of resource users active in your account. When you add new users or make existing users inactive, our billing system will recognise this change and automatically update your subscription. We will poll your user count every 3 hours to allow you time to make a series of updates to your user records without generating multiple charges or credits. There is now no need to go to the subscription screen to change the number of users. Indeed, this option has been removed from the subscription screen altogether.

This enhancement results in a substantial reduction in the subscription cost for a number of our customers. This will appear as a credit on your next subscription invoice.

We have also added a new subscription option to TimeSite called Free for 3. If you are actively using our Basic subscription plan and have three or fewer active resource users, there will be no charge for your TimeSite Pro account. You can move to a paid subscription if you need our Standard or Accounting plan or want to add more than three users. We will implement this Free for 3 option for existing customers at the end of their current subscription month.

Free for 3

We’ve included our Helpdesk module in our Standard and Accounting subscription plans at no additional charge. We’ll be working on a variety of enhancements to Helpdesk over the coming months, and we'll update you as these are released. Please check it out suggest any improvements that come to mind.

We’ve continued to make improvements to our new award interpretation engine based on customer and partner feedback, such as adding work past rules. Our dev team has introduced additional flexibility to our cost and bill rates feature, enabling both to be specified directly in the User record without requiring common rates. Check for additional enhancements.

cost & bill rates

Finally, we have introduced major enhancements to our Authorisation feature to enable your clients to log into your TimeSite Pro account to review and explicitly authorise, or not, timesheet details relating to their projects.

As usual, our Knowledge Base includes this Announcement along with a summary of additional enhancements introduced to TimeSite Pro over the last few weeks. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments about any of these changes.