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We love customer feedback! 07 Jul 2020

07 July 2020

We've mentioned in previous announcements how much we appreciate receiving suggestions from our users. This announcement highlights some recent enhancements to TimeSite Pro developed as a result of your valuable feedback.

The recent release of our new Award Rules features generated a lot of interest and some excellent suggestions. As a result, we have:

  • enhanced the ability to use award codes rather than pay categories when exporting timesheets,
  • added to and from dates to allow for changes in awards over time,
  • added the ability to (re-)apply award rules when timesheet records have changed, otherwise, disable the Apply Award Rules button once rules have been applied,
  • display award-related records in the timesheet export screen, and
  • added the ability to manage award codes in the Settings screen

There are several other enhancements in the works for award rules, including the ability to specify majority of the time rules. Let us know if you would like to have a more detailed discussion about how award rules can help with your payroll processing.

TimeSite Pro's multi-company capability is used to specify different configuration settings and information for companies, divisions, locations, mine sites and so on. Our customers have recently made excellent suggestions regarding the way we handle master company identification and the cloning of standard configuration settings for new companies.

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We continue to improve our logging and audit capabilities. The Registered Mobile Devices screen now shows app settings for location, Bluetooth, motion, and background data. You can hover your mouse over the user name to review recent messages exchanged with the device. We have a new mobile app in beta testing, so make sure that your team has auto-update enabled on their smartphone. We've also introduced the Integration Log to display information about timesheet exports, for example.

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Finally, you will notice UI enhancements to the Settings screens focused on a more logical layout and operation of groups of settings, particularly in the Timesheets configuration screen. There is a new group of settings relating to Billable Time. The Enable billable time setting allows you to entirely disable all TimeSite Pro capabilities relating to the management and display of billable time in timesheet records. There are additional help messages now on groups of settings such as Billable Time. We will continue to improve both in-app tips as well as more detailed help articles in our Knowledge Base.

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Speaking of which, this Announcement article in our Knowledge Base includes a list of all recent enhancements to TimeSite Pro. Let us know if you have any questions or comments about these improvements to TimeSite Pro.

Warm regards, ‚ÄčThe TimeSite Team

Summary of Enhancements

  • Upgrade registered mobile devices screen, include mouse over on username to show last 20 messages sent to the device, add device name.
  • Add date-from and date-to to award rules, this allows for changes in awards over time.
  • Add setting to select award data instead of timesheet data when exporting timesheets.
  • Add the ability to apply award rules to any unapplied timesheets via the export screen.
  • Show award related data in the export screen if export award data is enabled.
  • Add a new invoice report that incorporates both the std invoice and std invoice details reports - called Invoice - Tax and Detail - Smart.
  • Add a system setting called Enable billable time, this setting will turn on or off billable and non-billable fields throughout the app.
  • Rationalise the Rates and Timesheet settings screens.
  • Ensure when top-level features are turned off all subordinates are turned off and disabled, these are: Enable cost rates, Enable bill rates and Enable billable time.
  • Move some settings from the rates settings screen to the timesheet settings screen and put all billable time-related settings in a new section in the timesheet settings screen.
  • Add enable billable hours setting to the quick setup screen.
  • Resolve issue with printing when Word is selected instead of pdf for new client and new project records.
  • Implement a message for the invoice screen when creating invoices as Word is enabled and more than one invoice report is selected.
  • Modify time pickers - primarily in the Grid layout so they fit and have scroll bars when appropriate.
  • Modify the Grid layout to focus on the start time or duration field instead of the comments field.
  • Remove the reset button from the export screen.
  • Ensure timesheet export screen displays the correct names and correct setting options depending on the export app that is selected.
  • Allow user to download the new client or new project document set via the Features settings screen.
  • Add and implement auto-mapping for award codes if award rules are enabled and selected to be exported.
  • Add ability to manage award codes via the Settings screen.
  • Ensure the Timesheet Pro layout does not present as locked when moving from a locked timesheet to a date where no timesheet exists.
  • Ensure budget screens follow cost and bill rate enabled settings.
  • Add feature to allow new companies to be built using the settings and configuration from an existing company.
  • Limit pdf exports to 5,000 records and excel exports to 10,000 records to improve performance.
  • Modify the new invoice report that auto shows timesheet records as an attached detail section if they exist.
  • Modify pdf export via enquiry to have much cleaner formatting, smart column widths and color, this applies to both the std and crosstab reports.
  • Move enquiry screen export buttons to the generated report screen.
  • Add invoice export activity to the integration log.
  • Modify the edit timesheet process via the export timesheet screen so that edited data updates the screen when the timesheet record is updated.
  • Remove all setting options from export timesheet screens.
  • Add total weekly hours worked to timesheet Grid layout.
  • Modify the update award button to be disabled when all records have award rule applied.
  • Modify layout of exported batches screen, add weekly timesheets in each batch grid.
  • Begin adding context help to the settings screens.
  • Change award codes page heading from user groups to award codes.
  • Modify the way start/end times work in the classic timesheet screen, add keep times to keep description check box, start time now follows last end time - unless keep time and description is checked.
  • The keep time feature also applies to duration.