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A focus on invoicing, 20 Mar 2020

20 March 2020

With all that has been going on over the last few weeks, it might seem a little strange to update you on the recent enhancements to TimeSite Pro. But we did want to make sure you knew that we are all well, taking all precautions, and we're continuing to support our customers. The TimeSite team generally operates in a virtual mode, and we will continue to operate without disruption to our cloud and mobile services during this period. We will be available to provide regular support services via email, chat and Zoom conference calls.

Our development team has recently focused on our invoicing functionality, introducing several new features and improvements. Time tracking and billing is core to the value that we bring to many of our customers, and we've received some excellent input from them. We've enhanced the Payments screen with a Payment button, and added the ability to allocate payments to an invoice if the amounts match automatically. We've added the option to the Triggered Messages to automatically send a Payment Advice to the invoice recipient when payments are processed. You can download an invoice using a new icon on the Invoiced screen.

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We recently added the View Audit button to the User admin screen so that you can check the changelog for a User record. This functionality has been extended to the Client and Project records as well. We have added a new screen to Settings to provide you with a list of Registered Mobile Devices. This screen will enable you to check who has installed and logged into our mobile app, and the mobile OS & version that they are using.

Our developers are working on several significant new enhancements, some of which are visible in the UI now. This includes the ability to set the timesheet period to one week, fortnight, four weeks, and a calendar month. We will release more details on these new features shortly.

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Our latest builds include additional quality of life improvements. Take a moment to review these details in our Announcement article in our Knowledge Base.

Summary of Enhancements

Invoice Related Changes

  • Standard tax invoice report will show payments made and paid in full, this report is used as payment advice
  • Add Payment button to the Collect screen
  • Modified Payments screen to allocate payments based on the dollar amount entered matching an invoice value
  • Add Payment Advice option to Messaging > Triggered screen
  • Add option to the payment screen to allow a payment advice email with invoice attachment to be sent to the nominated recipient of invoices set in the client screen
  • Invoices can be downloaded to a specified local directory and placed in an automatic financial year hierarchy
  • Resend remittance advice email via the Payment Management screen
  • Add full-text editor to the invoice extra items screen, you can now paste from Word, etc. and all formatting will be retained
  • Ensure invoices can't be set to draft when payments have been received
  • Ensure BPAY reference is taken from the client and/or project when creating invoices so it can be shown on invoice reports
  • Ensure that pdf invoice filenames adhere to the format specified by the user

Other Changes

  • Enhance pluralisation of all personalisation settings
  • Enhance webhook and API code to provide better data for use by Zapier and third parties, API model is now more comprehensive
  • Integration API now included Project Templates and tasks, Types includes Users, Projects, etc.
  • Begin rollout of new feature supporting different period timesheets, this feature is not currently accessible
  • Add View Audit to Client and Project screen
  • Improve MYOB integration features for AccountRight and Advanced
  • Improve MYOB, Xero, and all text file exports success and error messages, include a Download link in email success messages
  • Allow manual entry of codes in the mapping screen where no list is available
  • Multiple Company functionality has been enhanced including the specification of a Master Company that implements a new administration model
  • Enhance System Log to distinguish between a browser and mobile access
  • Add Registered Mobile Devices screen in the Settings menu
  • Force extra invoice items to be assigned to a client and project to allow them to be correctly reported in WIP and other reports that group by project and or client
  • Ensure field validation is applied to date/time fields correctly, specifically in the cost and bill rate change
  • Modify the time dropdowns in timesheet record entry screens to show 24 hours from the start time entered
  • Modify the left and right arrow buttons for the strip calendar where used, these buttons now move the calendar but not the selected period
  • Ensure budget actions are only processed for the selected budget option, make the budget selection (by time and by dollar) more understandable
  • Removed company delivery address from the company setup screen
  • Created new report: Timesheet - Details - Time by Resource - Date - Client - Project Name
  • Begin project to improve report design, this will continue until all standard reports have been updated
  • Project and Task import now supports MYOB Advanced

Mobile App

  • Add ability to login via Site name | Username | Password as well as Email | Password
  • Add option to manually close New Entry and Expense screens