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Our mobile app gets a big upgrade today, 25 Oct 2019

25 October 2019

Today is a big day for our mobile app: Version 2.0 is now available on the Apple Store and Google Play for you to install.

We've received a lot of very positive comments from our users since our mobile app for smartphones and tablets was released over 2 years ago, and we've released several significant enhancements since then. However, we felt it was time for a complete do-over of our mobile apps to enable us to incorporate a number of key new features now and into the future.

We've introduced offline mode to our app to enable users to continue to add timesheet records and submit timesheets when your smartphone is in flight mode, for example. When our app detects that a link to our server is available again, it synchronises these cached records with our server and updates your timesheet. This new capability also improves overall network performance when connected to our server.

Second, we refreshed and improved our mobile app's user interface and introduced a consistent UI on both the smartphone and tablet versions. Timesheet records are more clearly outlined, the clock-on and clock-off screens have been redesigned, and we've improved the operation of the Submit and Approved screens.

enter image description here

Finally, we introduced the timesheet Approval function to our smartphone app. This feature was previously only available on our tablet app, but we received a lot of feedback asking that we make it available on the smartphone as well. So our hard-working development team figured out how to do this on the smaller screen. We hope that you like this new feature.

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If you're a TimeSite Pro account administrator, please take a moment to let your users know that this new version is available for installation on their device. You might also suggest that they take a moment to review our updated help article covering these new Version 2 features.

We've released several other enhancements to TimeSite Pro including new Payroll integrations for MYOB Essentials (for accounting), MYOB Advanced (for payroll, accounting & project management) and KeyPay (for payroll). We've made several other major improvements to the way that our current MYOB AccountRight and Xero integrations are configured. We have also made mapping between TimeSite Pro Task Types and payroll and accounting categories much easier to set up.

We continue to work on improving our email and messaging capabilities. If you currently use this feature, we suggest that you take a moment to review these enhancements and our new help article. We're currently working on a broadcast message feature, so expect more about that in our next announcement email.

As always, we've released a lot of quality of life improvements to TimeSite Pro over the last couple of months. For example, you can specifically identify users as timesheet approvers and managers. You can specify whether an incomplete (blank) timesheet is to be created for your users each week. See Settings > System Settings > Timesheets > Approval / Authorisation for these new settings. Our Knowledge Base (this article, see below) has been updated with a complete list of these various enhancements.

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We've also been working on TimeSite Pro's multi-currency feature, and this development work will continue. If you would like more information on how we can support rates and invoices in different currencies, please contact us for a demonstration.

We want to thank all our customers who continue to make great suggestions to improve TimeSite Pro; we sincerely appreciate your input. If you'd like to suggest an enhancement, please send an email to [email protected]. We'll reply letting you know our thoughts on your suggestion.

Summary of Enhancements

  • The TimeSite Pro mobile app for smartphones and tablets on iOS and Android has been updated to Version 2.0.9. A new help article is available in our Knowledge Base. Version 2.0 is now available on the Apple Store and Google Play.
  • Users will be informed via an email if their password is changed. This feature can be disabled via Settings > Email & Messaging > User > Send an email to the user when their password is changed.
  • A user onboarding email can be set up in Settings > Email & Messaging > User > Send an email to the user (Onboarding). This email can be resent to a specific user via Admin > User > [select user] > Profile > Resend onboarding email. The TimeSite support team are able to resend the onboarding email to all users if requested via an email to [email protected].
  • Emails can be sent when new invoices, projects and users are created.
  • Enhancements have been made to emails and notifications sent for timesheet submission, resubmission, and approvals. These notifications can also be sent to the mobile app.
  • Enable the mobile app SMS invitation & links to the iOS and Android stores to be resent via Admin > User > [select user] > Profile > Resend TimeSite Pro App SMS invite.
  • Updated the Maximum Billable Hours per Day [per User] feature (see Task > Profile for this setting) to avoid processing related records for the day is the task does not have a limit set.
  • Reports can now be set as a Dashboard report as well as a Favourite. Dashboard reports are available via the Dashboard screen without requiring security access to the Reports screen.
  • Custom timesheet fields are now supported by our new mobile app.
  • Integration added for MYOB Essentials (for invoicing), MYOB Advanced (for payroll, invoicing & project management) and KeyPay (for payroll). Enhancements made to MYOB AccountRight and Xero integrations. Enhancements made to improve mapping between TimeSite Pro Task Types and payroll and accounting categories. TimeSite Pro now imports MYOB AccountRight activities as bill rates.
  • Payroll and Invoice mappings display a new column — Friendly Name — which can display a description value retrieved from certain integrations.
  • The timesheet lock icon in the Timesheet screen shows the detailed lock reason/s when the mouse hovers over the lock icon.
  • You can change the selected payroll or accounting system from the Export screen via a new popup panel.
  • The Subscription screen now includes the email address to be used when sending subscription emails. See Settings > Subscription > Payment Details > Account details > Send invoices to (Email address).
  • The Subscription screen will display annual subscription details.
  • A new option has been implemented to show either Billable time or Potential revenue hours in the timesheet summary in the Timesheet screen. See Settings > System Settings > Timesheets > Show potential revenue instead of billable hours in the timesheet summary table. Note that the user must have Billable Time - View rights.
  • The Approve screen will now enable the approver to select that a notification is to be sent to the user when all timesheets are approved or sent back to the user to be resubmitted.
  • Advanced timesheet export now enables you to download all attachments included in the timesheet record as a zip file.
  • A new timesheet option has been included to specify whether to create incomplete timesheets each week. See Settings > System Settings > Timesheets > Approval / Authorisation > Create incomplete timesheets for all users each week.
  • A default Billing Currency can be specified for a project when Multi-currency is enabled. See Settings > Accounting > Accounting Settings > Currency > Enable Mult-Currency to set this option. See Admin > Project > [select project] > Finance > Billing Currency to set the default currency for a project.
  • TimeSite Pro's Import feature can now import User, Client and Project records where supported by the Payroll and Invoice integration. This can include details such as MYOB job numbers.