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Yes, we have been busy improving TimeSite Pro! 12 Apr 2019

12 April 2019

We realise that it's been a while since our last update on enhancements and improvements to TimeSite Pro, so it is time that we brought you up to date with what's been happening. A lot of work has been happening "under the covers":

  • adding new reports and report functionality such as showing "favourite" reports on your Dashboard,
  • managing email reminders from the Dashboard,
  • improving our audit logs so that our support team has more information to work with,
  • cleaning up legacy code that was getting in the way of future improvements,
  • making small but important "quality of life" improvements to existing functionality, and naturally,
  • continuing to wrinkle out bugs and problems.

But we have been hard at work at some significant innovations to TimeSite Pro as well.

Application Integration

Timesheets are a core source of information for your business by recording what people are doing, how long they are working on various activities, and applying cost and bill rates to this information so that you can see where you have incurred costs, and revenue is available to be invoiced to your customer. You are then able to see where your profits (and losses) are coming from.

We want to be able to share this timesheet information easily with other applications as well as enabling you to establish seamless and efficient workflows to support your timesheet capabilities. We have previously mentioned our development work on our API capabilities. This capability is now available for you to use.

Our application integration capability comes in three flavours: API keys, webhooks and Zapier integration.

API keys enable you to access and retrieve information stored in your TimeSite Pro account as well as update this information. For example, you can build an integration that lets you create a Client record in TimeSite Pro when you add a new client to your CRM system. You can access timesheet records in TimeSite Pro and store them in your project management system for budget to actual comparisons.

enter image description here

Webhooks are used to alert another application of a change in status to information stored in TimeSite Pro. For example, you can be informed that a client record has been created in TimeSite Pro and then use our API to access that record and add it to your accounting system.

enter image description here

Both API keys and webhooks require a programming interface to be developed by your IT team. We would be delighted to talk to your technical team about how they can take advantage of these capabilities.

If you want to develop an integration with TimeSite Pro without the complexity of an IT coding project, then we suggest that you use Zapier to build a Zap that can integrate TimeSite Pro with literally thousands of other cloud applications that have also developed an integration with Zapier. A simple Zap might be "triggered" when a new Project is added to TimeSite Pro that sends a message to your installation team via Slack. Zaps can include conditional logic, multiple paths, additional functions, and a variety of different actions associated with various cloud services.

enter image description here

In addition to the work that we have been doing on our integration, take a moment to review our changes to our timesheet export features, especially our Advanced Export feature that we discussed in our last announcement. This feature enables you to export Client and Timesheet data for use in your invoicing solution.

Mobile App Enhancements

We have continued to work on our GPS, geofencing and Kiosk capabilities in our mobile app. For example, you can directly access GPS location from a timesheet record when you are approving a submitted timesheet. You can also easily monitor your staff location when they clock-on via our Kiosk on a tablet device via the Dashboard > Kiosk widget. The current version of our mobile app on both iOS and Android devices is 1.6.11. Please make sure that your staff turn on auto-update on their mobile devices so that they are always using the current version of our app.

Approval and Invoice Improvements

The Approval workflow has received many improvements over the last couple of months. You can access the GPS location attached to the timesheet record, you can see whether the timesheet has been used in an invoice, you can notify a user that their timesheet has been approved or sent back to them to be resubmitted, attachments can be viewed, and a pop-up panel will show the approval status of a timesheet. We have also added Timesheet Approver and Timesheet Approval Status to the Enquiry Group and Total fields.

We continue to improve the Invoice feature of TimeSite Pro, and you will have noticed that we've completed the redesign of the three Invoice screens: WIP, Invoiced, and Collect. In the WIP screen, it's now simpler to either "invoice" or "write-off" a client's or project's timesheet screen via a button. We have improved the Settings and Actions pulldown with:

  • additional filters, date range options and invoice date options,
  • add a timesheet record in the WIP screen,
  • improved invoice email features including attachments, and
  • adjust billable hours and units in both the WIP and the Invoiced screens.

We have improved the Settings and Actions pulldown in the Invoiced screen as well. There are some more enhancements to come in the next few weeks as well.


Finally, we have released the first version of a new product called TimeMate. TimeMate sits on your desktop and logs your time spent on different activities during the day. It stops logging time when you are away from your computer. You'll have a record of all the actions you have performed at the end of the day, week or month. TimeMate integrates with TimeSite Pro by adding timesheet records directly into your timesheet. We encourage you to download and install TimeMate on your Windows 10 desktop and try it out. We are keen to get your feedback via an email to [email protected].