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TimeSite enhancements to Invoice screen (7 May build)

07 May 2018


One of TimeSite Pro's key features is our ability to quickly and efficiently turn timesheet details into an accurate and timely invoice to your client. Our most recent build, 7 May, rolls out our UI/UX improvements to the Invoice screen using pull-down panel similar to the design used in the Enquiry screen. TimeSite Pro will provide guidance for these changes via interactive help the first time you use this screen.

enter image description here

Budgets can be set at both the Project and the Task level. We have implemented a number of improvements to both the budget by time and budget by dollar settings screens in the Project and Task admin screens. We have also tidied up the Budget Reporting feature in the Enquiry screen.

Project–User linking is a powerful feature of TimeSite Pro and enables you to not only link users to the projects that they are working on but also to specify the cost and bill rates to be applied to the work being performed by these users. We have improved the way that the link wizard manages these details.

Finally, we've added a number of "quality of life" items such as the ability to edit Project Types, improving styling in a number of screens, and changing the way that we can colour code timesheet entries. Bugs continue to get crushed underfoot including screen refresh problems with certain browsers.

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